About Strategies Wealth Advisors

stock-photo-businessman-analyzing-financial-reportStrategies Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth management firm known for its expert financial advice, personalized recommendations, and the close relationships shared with their clients. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals by managing their assets, protecting their wealth, and building their financial legacies.

Our History

Previously, Strategies Wealth Advisors was a partner of a large firm which restricted the value and consulting approach we could bring our client. In 2007, Strategies Wealth Advisors became its own entity to allow us the flexibility to bring the best investment and insurance solutions to the table founded on a fee-based system. Strategies Wealth Advisors is not tied to one investment or insurance company – we are truly an independent group.

What Makes Us Different

Within the past 2-3 years, Strategies Wealth Advisors has went into a more specific direction with a team approach. We partner with some of the best in class 401k providers and insurance companies that are experienced working with complicated cases.

Strategies Wealth Advisors offers many years of experience in the insurance and investment industries, and has grown with the industry. Our employees are experienced and bring depth and diversification to the team.

Our Team

Michael Berkemeier leads the team at Strategies Wealth Advisors. Michael is a licensed and registered financial consultant. Seasoned by experience, he provides financial advice, personalized recommendations, and the close relationships he shares with his clients.

Michael Berkemeier, RFC
Fax: 616-719-5016