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Estate Planning

Did you know that there are only 3 places your money can go after you die? Having a proper estate plan and life insurance coverage ensures that your assets are distributed in a manner of your choosing, and that your loved ones will not experience financial hardship following your death. A carefully outlined plan also aids in avoiding an expensive and public probate process. It’s important to discuss what is best for you and your family to make sure that the parameters for your family’s continued success are in place BEFORE something happens to you. When you are gone, your money can only go to your heirs, to the government, or to charities of your choice. Let’s make sure your money ends up in the right hands.

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Business Planning

There are a number of situations where life insurance can be a useful tool in protecting your business. Whether your business is a start-up, a well-established third-generation family business, or a growing company poised for an IPO, properly structured life insurance planning can be a simple solution to complex problems.

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Policy Review

An annual or bi-annual policy review often uncovers potential areas for consideration that may benefit clients and their families. Our proprietary report, customized to your specific situation, is a valuable tool in identifying areas where improvements might be made.

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